Felsineo S.p.A.

Via C. Masetti, 6 - 40069 Zola Predosa (BO)
Felsineo S.p.A.
As a producer of all natural products, we constantly aim at offering a range of organic, healthy and functional products, able to supply high-quality nutrition, in terms of taste and well-being. 
The Veghiamo range is ideal for all consumers seeking a healthy diet without sacrificing flavour. Passion, along with a capacity to observe and understand the evolving market, allow us to provide consumers with products reflecting Italy’s tradition of fine food. Our products are also tasty and healthy, thanks also to the our know-how combined with advanced technology.

Our Vision is to become a reference for those who seek a healthy, natural and preferably organic diet, by offering wholesome options to help encourage a nutritionally rich diet that’s also tasty and fulfilling.

Our Mission is to satisfy the expectations of customers and consumers by innovating the target market.

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