Favero Antonio Srl

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Favero Antonio Srl
Since 1925 we have been milling corn and grain, today we are a highly innovative production facility processing raw, pregelatinized GMO FREE flour mixes and semifinished flours for the food industry using high quality corn and rice from first milling to packaging. We also process other kind of cereals and pulses.
Our company has become leader in the development of pregelatinized mixes for the pasta industry and is also able, thanks to the new automated mixing technologies, to provide customers with tailor made packaging solutions to ensure maximum sales impact.
The driving force tending towards innovation, which is one of our characteristics, allowed the company to be one of the very few gluten-free milling companies in Europe to provide customers with 200 different productsmade from more than 15 GMO free raw materials among which are: maize, rice, buckwheat, amaranth, millet, chickpeas, quinoa, chia, teff.    The current technological level is so sophisticated that we can provide the food industry and the retail market with this type of cereal in several types of mixtures, both native and heat-treated; furthermore, the in-house packaging plant allows us to provide customers with different packaging solutions. Nowadays we are the first maize milling plant in Italy and our goal is becoming one of the leading supplier for tailor-made solution in North America.

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