Di Ciaccio Pasticceri Artigiani Dal 1928

Via Appia km 136,500 – 04024 Gaeta (LT)
Di Ciaccio Pasticceri Artigiani Dal 1928
I was born in, live in and work in Gaeta, a border town between the land and the sea; made up of farmers and fishermen.

I learned the art of pastry making from my grandfather when I was a child and later from my father, who passed their inherit knowledge of the trade on to me as well as their handwritten recipes. The Specialities that I propose are, therefore, my grandfather Giovanni's and my father Cosmo's creations that I proudly recreate daily meticulously following their instructions.

Some are cookies, some are cakes, nonetheless everything I offer is characterized by a strict preservation of genuine flavours and ingredients. Every time I open my ovens, I close my eyes and breath deeply and instantly I am a child again.

Everything I produce are reflections of typical recipes from the hybrid traditions of a land with its feet in the sea and its head on the peak of a mountain. If its right hand caresses Mount Vesuvius, its left can reach as far as the roman hills.

All of this allows me to meld contrasting flavors, rich with nuances and potentially evocative possibilities: tantalizing spice combinations, orange blossom water, extracts and natural essences all carefully selected. This in addition to fresh eggs and rich, creamy butter from our own cows are just some of the ingredients that make my entire production captivating and leaves your mouth with a memorable taste of pure pleasure.

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