Zona Industriale, via F.lli De Cecco, Fara San Martino (CH), 66015 Italia
De Cecco
The best pasta is made with first quality material, starting from the excellent durum wheat. This is also what makes the difference between just any pasta and De Cecco pasta. 
First of all, De Cecco pasta is not made with simple wheat. This pasta comes from the best durum wheat, golden like the sun. 
Passion for quality is a tangible factor for De Cecco, therefore experts go in person to the harvest fields and see "for themselves" the quality of the wheat bound for the mill, the Molino, located in Fara San Martino. De Cecco uses only pale yellow grains (at De Cecco they are called "coloured grains"), the same one which falls into your plate thanks to patient work in each phase. 
Once the wheat arrives in De Cecco, it is analysed in the laboratory where the cutting edge technologies are used and the most advanced equipment guarantees the most accurate and rigorous testing possible. Both the shape and the look of the grains are carefully analysed: the surface must be regular, without stains nor imperfections and the colour must be pale yellow.

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