Compagnia Del Pesto Genovese S.R.L.

Via Silvio Solimano 28, 16165 Genova
Compagnia Del Pesto Genovese S.R.L.
In the 2008 Compagnia del Pesto Genovese was created by the same people founded Milfa with a very simple idea: producing the real traditional pesto genovese sauce and let all the world enjoy its unique and fabulous taste. We gained a remarkable market share thanks to our quality, our professionalism and a fair price.

Most of all, we work and produce with the passion and the quality only and artisan business can have. We’re a modern artisan business strictly following the latest legislated regulations, the one y’all can recognize by the tremendous quality of its products and the extreme efficiency due to the best machinery available.

Let’s take a deeper look at those things making our Pesto genovese sauce so special:

- it’s fresh: total absence of any kind of preservatives or additives
- gluten free: our rooms are there just of our beloved pesto sauce so we’ve got a gluten free certification.
-no traces of walnuts or any other allergenic ingredients (except pine nuts)
- 27 days of shelf life: thanks to a very efficient HACCP self monitoring plan.
- Compagnia del Pesto Genovese is co-founder of the Consorzio Produttori Pesto Genovese

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