Claudio Cipressi Soc. Agr. Arl

Contrada Montagna 11/B, 86030 San Felice del Molise (CB)
Claudio Cipressi Soc. Agr. Arl
San Felice del Molise, a timeless place where rhythms are still linked to a pristine nature. It is here, at almost 600 meters high, that we cultivate our vineyards and produce our wine, every day with the same intensity and care as ever.

Claudio’s cultivation method is strictly organic out of respect for the environment, the farm is officially certified as organic and since 2014 also the winery is certified as organic.
He is extremely picky in choosing which grapes to harvest, selecting each bunch by hand. In the wine cellar he uses a traditional, non invasive method to process the grapes.
He pays a lot of attention to the temperature of the grape must and to accurately use the barrels for perfecting the wine. No fruit is added during aging, which alters the taste, and so the original flavor of the grapes can be tasted in every sip.

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