Cantine Militerni

Contrada Toppolo San Felice, Montefalcione (Av), Italy
Cantine Militerni

The company is the fulfilment of the lifelong dream of a Neapolitan married couple, profoundly bond to their native city, Naples, but also prone to se‚le on territories devoted to agriculture and good life, in the spirit of tradition and family, essential elements of their life style. The business venture, also enriched by the experience of a young “irpino”, combines the passion for the law with that for the wine. In fact the company acquires the name “Cantine Militerni” (Militerni Cellars), high lighting the connection with a renown family of Neapolitan jurists and, at the same time, the will to commit with abnegation to the wine-making, according to the leges artis (the laws of the art).
Confirming the last point, only after a long and accurate analysis of the land, the vineyards were planted. These, although arranged according to the native vine variety of Irpinia, are located in specifically selected hill areas, perfectly exposed to sun and wind.

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