Cantina Poggio Cavallo

Fraz. Canale Località Le Velette 14/15, 05018 Orvieto (TR)
Cantina Poggio Cavallo
Our company is located in the heart of Orvieto Classico, in Le Velette, lying on a gentle slope overlooking the Duomo, supported by volcanic terraces in whose subsoils spread an ancient Etruscan cemetery. I am a civilization that has understood the clear enoic vocation of the Orvieto terroir.
In strict respect for others, our modern wine cellar is considered a qualified oenological production that goes from the most autochthonous papers such as Grechetto di Orvieto, with its delicate fruity aromas to the international ones such as Viognier, an ancient vine of French origin. , intense and glyceric that goes well with the elegance of Chardonnay. Among the black berry varieties the Shiraz, a vine with ancient oriental origins, assembled with Malbech offers us a wine with a soft and fruity taste, immediately pleasing and enjoyable. Cabernet Franc, with its typically herbaceous notes, is vinified in purity and aged for a year in French oak barrels.
To date, our company has 16 hectares of vineyards for a current annual production of 120,000 bottles; My goal is to bottle what I am our wines, to maintain an advanced quality standard of the product, a capillary control on every production phase, from the vineyard to the bottle, and preserve the origins and the nature.The construction of our winery began in 2008 and its first harvest was in 2013. Its modern concept has allowed an efficient management of the avant-garde production processes. This allowed us to use modern processes of vinification and refinement but still respecting the most ancient traditions. Our winery is therefore a fair compromise between tradition and innovation, because we believe that technology is a full service to the modernity of work processes.The winemaking area of ​​the winery consists of steel tanks, each connected to the refrigeration system for temperature management, which ensures a rigorous control in the fermentation phase of the must.Then there is the wooden aging area consisting of French and American oak barrels, where our Cabernet Franc rests 12 months in the barrel cellar.It is possible to take part in a Wine Tour with a guided tour of the winery and tasting of our wines paired with products from our landFollowing the guided tour conducted in our guesthouse near the panoramic terrace; here you can choose between two types of tasting menus. The elegance of the bottles and labels, which recall Etruscan spellings in a modern look, underline the quality and care of the product as well as convey the attention that our company places on all production processes from the most traditional to modern ones.On booking we also make lunches and there is a fixed menu for a minimum number of at least 8/10 people up to a maximum of 20.

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