Cantina Arvisionadu

Località Luzzanas, 07010 Benetutti (SS)
Cantina Arvisionadu
The Arvisionadu Winery was founded with the main objective of revitalizing the historic, indigenous Arvisionadu white berry variety, one of the rarest and oldest of Sardinian wines and, until a few years ago, almost to the point of extinction.

The genetic characterization highlights a specific profile of the vine that clearly distinguishes it from other varieties: a “unicum”. 

Italian and foreign correspondences verified for genetic outlet: none!

The vineyard, located on a nine-acre reserve near Benetutti, a town in the Goceano territory in the heart of Sardinia, nurtured using support backing and “guyot” pruning, has a plant density of 4,500 stems per hectare. 
Grapes are harvested manually when the bunches reach perfect maturity.

Company Details

Categories Wine & Spirits
Certificates PGI - Protected Geographical Indication
Distribution Channels
Year Established 2006
Worldwide Presence -
Targeted Countries Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America
Produces Private-Label Not Specified
Employees -


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