Calcagno1946 Srl

Via Paolo Losa 21 - 10093 Collegno (TO)
Calcagno1946 Srl
 Calcagno was founded in post-WWWII Turin, in the popular neighborhood of Barriera Milano. An artisan chocolate factory, it quickly carves out a space and prestigious image in the competitive circle of Turin's chocolatiers in the fervor of the post-war reconstruction.
In 2018, Aldo Frezzato and Franco Rossini, the developers behind this success, decided that it was time to pass the baton forward: we took on the challenge!

 Thus Calcagno1946 was born, continuing activity while respecting tradition and with an eye for innovation.
On the new production site in Collegno the original machinery has been recovered and brought back to life; new products and modern production concepts are applied to the old recipes.
Our aim is to do business through chocolate, but also to pursue a philosophy of conscious work focused on the concept of shared well-being.

In our laboratory we produce and develop a range of products that have characterized the Calcagno brand for several years.
In particular we focus on the specialties that have the round hazelnut gentile trilobata as a characterizing ingredient: gianduiotti, spreadable creams, hazelnuts and cremini.
These are flanked by dragees, small pralines with hazelnuts, fruit, or cereals inside, as well as a selection of traditional and spicy bars.

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Year Established 2017
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