Caffé Barone

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Caffé Barone

On the 29th of December 1904, Peppino Barone arrived to New York. Greatly excited about having arrived to destination, Peppino started yelling and cheering. However, he stopped abruptly shortly after as he realized he was the only one. In fact, it was an extremely cold day and as the ship was approach-ing Liberty Island, all the passengers, warn out and exhausted from the long travel, were suffering greatly. Seeing how miserable everybody was,He felt the need to help and he knew exactly how. He grabbed his small coffee packet, built a little fire on the ships’ deck and started dispensing his brew to the passengers gathering around him. The rich, intense aroma of Italian coffee instantly filled the whole ship attracting more and more passengers. All it took was a couple of sips of that hot, black, strong-flavored drink for the passengers to feel invigorated and filled with energy. Soon enough, the whole ship was cheering and celebrating their arrival to America. It was then that finally understood and embraced his life’s mission. He would continue to bring joy to people in America and around the world, one cup of Italian coffee at the time. 

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