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The Bosco Liquori company, was established in Cosenza in 1864, only three years after the unification of Italy, by Raffaello Bosco, who had the merit of having prepared the first and original recipe, which designated the birth of the liqueur Amaro Silano an elixir of exclusive taste, made with precious herbs of Calabria. Before then, the liqueur were prepared almost exclusively at home by peasants, who worked distilling typical herbs from the natural habitat in Mediterranean basin. The liqueur Amaro Silano and Anice were immediately appreciated for their quality and original taste, becoming the favourite liqueur of the rich families. Taking advantage of technical progress, The tiny distillery became soon a real company. Over the years the company has developed a strong tradition and innovation, through a new management approach.
Since 2005, in fact, the new management team is made up of four new members: the brothers Regina (Elvira, Antonella and Gianni) and Orlando Marcelletti, who, aware of the quality of the Bosco Liquori products and backed by the history of the company, they strive to raise brand awareness in Italy and abroad.
Quality, tradition and an excellent management, pushing the product line to a winning combination. Today the line of products Bosco Liquori, owns a range of liqueurs appreciated for the harmony of taste, kept in precious recipes, as examples of Italian passion and tradition.

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Categories Wine & Spirits
Certificates -
Distribution Channels
Year Established 1864
Worldwide Presence Canada
Targeted Countries Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America
Produces Private-Label Yes
Employees 10


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