Corso Vercelli, 279, 10155 Torino TO, Italy
Borgo Dora

Borgo Dora is born in 1971 in Turin, in the small backroom of an ancient butcher who was located in the heart of the Roman City, not far from both the Duomo and Palazzo Reale and even then, his team was in possession of a wealth of experience of the Piedmontese Tradition.

Since then , Sir. Vieri Sergio has managed the company’s growth continuously , until it reached the current dimensions. The company boasts itself on being as one of the biggest companies of the sector in Piedmont. 

Borgo Dora is one of the leading industries in the sector, representing an undisputed primacy in the fresh sausage sector.

Production lines:

  • Hams (cooked hams, stewed beef, roast turkey bun, baked arbor, stewed bacon ...)
  • Fresh sausages (sausage, cotechino, salamelle)
  • Seasoned meats (raw salami, rolled bacon, herbal lard ...)
  • Unpacking and marketing fresh pig meat.

Company Details

Categories Charcuterie & Meat
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