Birradamare S.r.l.

Via Falzarego 8 00054 Fiumicino (Roma) - IT
Birradamare S.r.l.

Our company name is BIRRADAMARE and you can call us either "birra da amare" (beer to love) or "birra da mare" (beer from the sea) indifferently.

To produce home-brewed quality beer without compromises, thus whole and not pasteurised, requires more than love and creativity.
Strong bonds with the land, the meticulous selection and verification of ingredient origins, skills, experience, last-generation machinery and strict and monitored production processes are all required.
This is the production philosophy that has let us transform our good intentions into high quality, consistent and faultless production.
The choice of raw materials such as water, hops and yeast is a key part of our philosophy. In fact, we meticulously select materials, focusing on the production chain, following its evolution in time and daily monitoring each ingredient used.
And barley malt?
We haven't overlooked it. It deserves a separate explanation.
The malts used are both Italian and European and are produced by farms that do not use GMOs.

In other words, beer truly brewed with passion and all the trimmings.

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