Birra Antoniana

Viale dell’Industria 33, 35010 Villafranca Padovana (PD)
Birra Antoniana
As many others, our story begins with a dream: brewing the fruits of our land with passion and creativity. Since its foundation, Birrificio Antoniano has always been a Craft Brewery.
The choice of cultivating more than 90 acres of land in Northern Italy reflects the idea of “Short Food Supply Chain”, where sourcing of raw materials and attention for the customers are our core values. Besides barley, in Padua we cultivate hops, thanks to expert’s consultancy.
Seeds after seeds, cone after cone, we made our dream come true.
Birra Antoniana born from the encounter of our raw materials, the unique taste of our land.

Birra Antoniana’s ranges, Classics, Heritage and Craft combine the creativity and originality of our Brew Master, all worth discovering.
The Classic range encloses beers that reinterpret different beer styles of the international brewing tradition, with a hint of Italian originality, some of which wants to pay tribute to the beauties of Italian landscapes and nature, where art, taste and culture melt.
The Heritage range enhances local harvests, and here the direct relationship with farmers and cultivator becomes crucial. Beer from Slow Food Presidia born from a close collaboration with Slow Food International, a prestigious association, which aim is to prevent the disappearance of local food cultures and traditions. Some of those cultivations have become essentials ingredients of this range, giving life to beers strongly linked with the territory. 
Finally, the new born, the Craft range, three unfiltered and bottle refermented beers. A real Craft Experience

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