Via Paolo Borsellino 75/77, 80025 Casandrino (NA)
The Baino company sees its birth in the post-war years, when father Baino decides to continue the family tradition, which has been bakers for many generations. He personally follows the recipes, tries to improve them by looking at the ancient tradition of the most famous Neapolitan bakers. He creates new products, studies and refines them with great tenacity and passion; but it is not enough: he wants to personally experience the results by actively involving his family in it. Today his sons, Giuseppe, Vincenzo and Palma, mindful of his teachings, were able to bring the ancient shop to an industrial reality. Every day, starting with the mixture and the rigorous selection of ingredients, they prepare their products, which stand out for their friability and softness. Believing in the quality and care of the production phases, they obtain a unique final result in terms of taste and fragrance. And the tradition continues: the passion of papá Baino lives in his children, who are not limited to his teachings, but go beyond the production techniques, and guarantee their customers the warm courtesy of the past combined with the genuine craftsmanship of the their products.

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Year Established 1937
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