Azienda Agricola Frammartino Luigi

Via Sandrechi N. 43, 89034. Bovalino (RC)
Azienda Agricola Frammartino Luigi
Frammartino Luigi Farm is located in Casignana in the province of Reggio Calabria and covers a total area of 14 hectares of citrus groves, cultivated with bergamot, lemons, clementines and oranges. The main activity is the cultivation and transformation of bergamot from which the essence is extracted. Near the extraction plant, the company also owns a food laboratory where the pulp and the bergamot juice are worked to produce drinks, jams, candied fruit and juices.

The bergamots are grown organically, are transformed into essence through a simple process of cold extraction and are processed to prepare drinks, jams, candied fruit and juices, according to a traditional method that uses only organic raw materials without adding preservatives and additives.

The strength of the Frammartino Luigi farm is to operate throughout the bergamot supply chain and control all stages of processing, from the collection of fresh fruit to packaging, offering drinks, juices, jams and candied fruit of higher quality. The company's products are recognized by the Bergold brand, which means "bergamot gold" to evoke the beneficial properties and multiple uses of this extraordinary citrus fruit.

The company is located in the area that is the most suitable worldwide for the production of bergamots of excellence. It is the low Jonio of Calabria where the company operates for the protection of the bergamot since 2003 when with another 24 members it established the Unionberg association, which today concentrates over 400 farmers in the province of Reggio Calabria and presides over the Consortium of Bergamot Protection.

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