Azienda Agricola Clementina

Strada di Mercandante, 20081 Abbiategrasso (MI)
Azienda Agricola Clementina
La Clementina born 10 years ago from the idea of Massimo Grugni who decide to cultivate berries in Lombardy . The farm has been located in Abbiategrasso, near the Ticino Park, and now covers an area of 10 hectares .
The crops of berries , raspberries , blackberries and blueberries is done in rows, that grow under a shaded cover. In the farm there is also a greenhouse for growing strawberries , which provides up to four harvests per year . Over the years the cultivation’s techniques are more and more refined until a production of about 35 tons of berries and 9 tons of strawberries . Another very important farm activity is the honey production: 12 hives guarantee us about 8 tons of honey production, split between Acacia and Millefiori. 
Production takes place in our laboratory, which is set on the ground floor of the main building of the farm. This laboratory is equipped with advanced machinery which could achieve the highest quality products; each operation is performed by experienced staff, in compliance with the guidelines according to the HACCP method, as required under EC regulations 852/04 and 178/02. 
The particular technique of vacuum cooking allows to obtain high quality products which retain unaltered the organoleptic properties of the fresh fruit. The fruit that is not immediately used for the production is subjected to slaughter and then stored in the cold room waiting to be used.
The fruit is harvested and immediately take to the laboratory, where must be clean and weed. One part is for the sale of fresh and another part is used for jam and juices production. 
Since 2014 La Clementina farmhouse has been renewed by inserting in its staff a technical Herbalist, which deals with the production of teas and herbal extracts. The new project includes the installation of a new cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants in the new field that is identified with Mappale 259 sheet1 and in order to realized the best project, we have asked Mr. Primavera, a very expert agronomist, President of FIPPO (Italian federation producers medicinal plants) to help us.

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