Azienda Agricola Alziati Annibale

Frazione Scazzolino 55, 27040 Rovescala (PV)
Azienda Agricola Alziati Annibale
The Azienda Agricola Alziati Annibale, producer of NATURAL BIOLOGICAL WINES, is located in Lombardy, in the heart of the Oltrepo Pavese, where the 45th parallel passes, the parallel of the great red wines. The winemaker began his activity driven by the desire to rediscover the emotions experienced as a child, when he and his father traveled through Italy in search of peasant wines. The charm of the aromas and the taste of the wine become an authentic passion that grew as he became an adult. 
Annibale Alziati resumes the traditional cultivation of the vineyards, fully respecting their potential, letting nature take its course, without artificial or invasive interventions. The low natural yields, due to the age of the vines and the short pruning, the absence of fertilization, the spontaneous grassing, the respect of harvest and processing times, the vinification practices performed manually WITHOUT ADDED SULPHITES and without filtrations allow to obtain rural wines, whose elegance is expressed by maturation in CEMENT TANKS and refining in the bottle.

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