Artibel S.R.L.

Strada Provinciale 39 Loc. Cuoco, 87033 Belmonte Calabro (CS)
Artibel S.R.L.

Artibel Company has a ancient history and tradition, always based on love of earth and its fruits.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, the care and love for the environment brought, Gennaro Arlia master in the production of dry-stone walls for terracing agricultural land, up in Piedmont.
Art and skill in running cultivated land in Belmonte learnt from his father Filippo and handed down from generation to generation over the years.
It was Giuseppe to implement the first pruning technique, becoming soon very sought-after Master in the district in the 50s of the last century.
Starting from the second half of the twentieth century, the production and drying of figs, along with the cultivation of Calabrian Chilli became the main activity of Arlia family Artibel born in the 1988 when Maria Arlia, specialized in Biology Food Studies introduced the processing activities of finished product.
There is a strong emotional bond between Arlia Family and its land which turns in love and passion for its work.
The story of Artibel is dotted with a string of hits due to the care and the devotion it put on its products, taking advantages of the wonderful heritage that nature offer us in a environmentally and friendly way.

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Fruit, Vegetables & Pulses
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