Via Sacro Cuore, 64 - 97015 Modica (RG)
In 1935 “Don Neli”, founder and patriarch of the Rizza family, opened a chocolate laboratory e shop in the heart of the Town of Modica. Thanks to his son “Don Peppino”, the Rizza chocolate shop became the breeding ground for taste and attraction of authors’ delights.

The Chocolate of Modica by Antica Dolceria Rizza contains the secrets of the Master craftsmen, who since 1746 have passed down the ancient recipe. We certifylts that the proces requires a no “conching” phase and the cocoa mass is processed at a temperture around 40°C - 104°F, without adding extra cocoa butter, or other fats and lecithins. This methodology and the use of granulated sugar gives the Chocolate of Modica the characteristic graininess, to maintain the integrity of its ingredients and preserve its health qualities in line with the latest medical and scientific research.

The chocolate of Modica in 2018 has ben declared I.G.P. ( Protect Geographical Identification): the first ever in Europe … in the world! Antica Dolceria Rizza has a modern and well-equipped laboratory, technologically advanced, which ensures high levels of chocolate quality, for which it has obtained the IFS - International Food Standard and BRC - Global Standards for Food Safety.

The Chocolate of Modica made by Antica Dolceria Rizza is garanted: gluten-free, lactose free, without fats and lecithin added. The production consists of more than 40 different natural flavors and types of format: tablets, chocolates, pralines, prepared for hot chocolate, liqueurs and ttypical local products. For special diets, vegetarian and for diabetics we feature “Light Modica Chocolate” with no sugar. After four generations, we manage today, thru advanced technology, to deliver the chocolate of Modica all over the world with the same quality and tradition.

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