Amaretti Virginia

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Amaretti Virginia
Virginia is a historical brand born in 1860, a synonym of quality and refinement in the art of making desserts and pastries.

It achieved its fame for the production of soft "Amaretti", and nowadays boasts a broad range of exquisite and elegant specialties.

Among these, a new line of small-sized sweets wrapped up one by one, ideal to be savored along with your espresso and cappuccino. Renown and prestigious International Brands entrust the manufacture of their products to Virginia.

The oven that once produced these delicious Amaretti biscuits soon became a gathering place for town dwellers and tourists, to the extent that the square it overlooked is referred to in postcards of the time-period as the "Piazza degli Amaretti Virginia" or "Square of the Virginia Amaretti".

Scented, with a hearty and tender almond pastry, the Virginia Amaretti soon became appreciated in the circles of the most prominent International Exhibitions.

Among the most noteworthy acknowledgements are: the award ceremony during the Colombiadi of 1892 in Genoa, with certificates and first class medal, and the prestigious acknowledgement attained in Paris in 1911, the gold medal and special honors, where the delicate flavors of Virginia conquered a rigourously selected Jury.

These as also other medals and certificates awarded at International Exhibitions of the time (Arcachon 1897, Turin 1898, Genoa 1903, etc.) are currently stored in the historical archive of the Company.

Attempts at copying the original were countless already back then, so much that in late 1897, the Founder had the Virgina Trademark registered under the tutelage of the Laws of the Kingdom of Italy.

The precious know-how over a century old is a sure guarantee of quality for the Virginia Sweets.

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