Alcar Uno Spa

Via della Pace 10 – 41051 Castelnuovo Rangone (MO)
Alcar Uno Spa
Alcar Uno was founded in the late fifties in Emilia Romagna, a land where the art of producing cured meats has been improved over thousands of years. Here, the pork meat processing plays a very important role, since it's a value, a tradition handed down from father to son. 

Alcar Uno features 200 employees and annual revenues of 300 millions of Euros (data referred to 2005). Its activity consists in cutting and distributing pork cuts imported from both EC and non-EC countries of renowned tradition in the pork industry. Alcar Uno chooses and buys pork cuts, treating and "personalizing" them accordingly to the market demands. The heart of Alcar Uno's activity is represented by ham processing. The different stages of processing are based on a flexible manufacturing system, capable of granting personalized cuts of pork, thus satisfying the cured meat industry demands. 

Alcar Uno has improved its facilities, technology and business network over the years, assuming a leading role in the EC pork cutting industry. 

Alcar Uno's main goal has always been protecting traditions. Nonetheless Alcar Uno pursues innovation and technology improvements, in order to obtain high quality standards for all of its products, and granting at the same time a full tracking of meat's origin.

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