Agricolae Bungaro

Via Giuseppe de Palo 17, 70027 Palo del Colle (BA)
Agricolae Bungaro
Five vineyards (equal to three hectares of good soil) and a towing animal make you master of the world.
It is the mid-1800s when Leonardo Tursi and Anna Sivilli founded the family farm.
From their union Caterina was born.
Caterina Tursi, an only child, goes through a crucial historical phase for our country: the first and second world wars and two post-war years see her tenaciously active in the growth of the small but solid agricultural enterprise.
As a widow she continues to invest her energies in the family business to which she starts the two daughters, Berenice and Dina Anna.
Today the three Bungaro's brothers, Nicola, Giulio and Enrico, sons of Dina Anna Sasso and Euprepio Bungaro, carry on the family tradition with the same passion as their great-grandparents.
In their land in Palo Del Colle, in the province of Bari, the three brothers derive their greatest satisfaction: the production of an extraordinary olive nectar like few regions in the world manage to produce.
Agricolae Bungaro's Apulian extra virgin olive oil, from the varieties of ogliarola and coratina, obeys the universal law of love: from the care of the earth, to the healthy attention to the plant, to collect, finally, the fruits that will provide the unsurpassed , scented and genuine gold for the best palates around the world.

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