Acqua Minerale San Benedetto

Antica Fonte della Salute, Millennium Water 0.65L, Still Featured Image

Antica Fonte della Salute, Millennium Water 0.65L

Antica Fonte della Salute is a mineral water that comes from a fareway world, originating in an ancient aquifer 236 metres below ground level near Scorzè in the Venice province. It has been kept unspoiled for over 5000 years to today and its water has trickled among the rocks for centuries, becoming purified and enriched with precious minerals. This slow flow makes a pure mineral water with a nitrate value of less than 0.0001%, a level of purity that only the complex architecture of nature could achieve. The 0.65L glass bottle is smooth and sinuous to enhance the water's refinement in every tiny detail. The colour of the labels distinguishes the two tastes: silver for natural water, which is smooth, soft and light; black for the sparkling, the liveliness of which enhances the essential pure water of nature.
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