Terms & Conditions
  1. Only Bellavita Expo exhibitors can nominate their products to the Bellavita Awards programme.
  2. The maximum number of nominations depends on the exhibiting package.
  3. Products must be either already marketed or ready to be marketed.
  4. Only single products can be nominated, not the full range.
  5. The tasting and evaluation of the products will take place during the event by professionals and industry experts (the judges of the competition), so the producer is asked to be always ready for the tasting of the nominated product.
  6. The tasting of the products will take place directly at the exhibiting booths.
  7. Each product will be assigned a unique product number (e.g. 87) and a Bellavita representative will provide you with a A5 poster including the product number and the name of the company, that will have to be placed near the nominated product.
  8. The judges will score the nominated products on a scale from 4 to 10, taking into account 6 criteria: taste, story behind the product, packaging and branding, relevance for the local market, innovation and sustainability.
  9. Products scoring more than 7 points receive one star, more than 8 two stars and more than 9 three Stars.
  10. The two Winners of the Bellavita Awards will be the products that will received the highest overall averages in both the Food and the Beverage categories. The two Winners of the Food and Beverage categories will receive a credit from £ 2,000 to £ 3,000 that can be used within 12 months towards the participation in one or more of the international Bellavita Expos.
  11. Four special mentions will be awarded to companies that will get excellent results in one or more evaluation criteria. Specifically, the awards: Most Innovative Product, Taste Good Award, Best Brand Identity and Chefs' Choice will be assigned.
  12. The Winners, the special mentions and the Stars Bellavita Awards will be announced on the stage of Bellavita Academy during the awards ceremony which will be held on the last day of the event.
  13. The results will be published on the website www.bellavita.com
  14. Over the days following the event, the companies awarded as Winners, with the special mentions and/or the Bellavita Awards Stars will receive by email the related digital logos with the terms and conditions of use. The Bellavita Awards international awards can be used on product packaging as well as in marketing and communication campaigns.