Judge Info

At Bellavita Expo London, Amsterdam, Chicago and Warsaw, each judge tastes and scores a selection of nominated products independently from other judges, at their most convenient time and pace.

As a general guideline, we believe that the average evaluation time for each product is between 5 and 10 minutes giving each Judge plenty of time to discover all our beautiful products and producers. Each judge will be provided with a tasting schedule upon arrival.

10 products will be suggested directly by us based on their areas of expertise, and another 5 will be chosen by each Judge for a total of at least 15 products. Each Judge can pick these 5 products from the list of those nominated to the Awards.

The judging process follows six key critical points. Each criterion accounts for 1/6 of the vote.

  1. Taste
    Food and beverage are mainly about pleasure: the product is evaluated for its taste, texture and aroma.
  2. Story behind the product
    Here, asking the producer a few questions will certainly help. Ask about the story of the producer, yields, quantity and quality control as well as their approach to ethics and sustainability. An assessment of this is pertinent and helpful for a fair judgement.
  3. Packaging and branding
    Marketing a product is often as important as its taste. How does it look? Is the packaging attractive? Evaluate how powerful the branding of the producer/company is, as well as how the product itself is being presented.
  4. Relevance for the local market
    How do you see this product doing on the shelf of a supermarket/market/retailer or on the menu of a restaurant or a cafe? Do you think there is market for it in your country?
  5. Innovation
    Is this product innovative? Is it something you have never seen before? Does it use a combination of ingredients never used together before?
  6. Ecological sustainability
    Corporate social responsibility has become a key aspect to help companies earn favour from consumers, be more competitive, efficient and profitable. From your experience, do you think the production embraces sustainable and green principles?