'Villa Sandi for Life' - How to Make Premium Prosecco with Minimum Impact on the Environment


Artisans of premium prosecco for over 40 years, Villa Sandi has begun to work towards an environmentally friendly production range, to continue producing both the superior quality of their wines and one that has minimum impact on the natural eco-systems in place in Veneto and the world.

Using state of the art technology and research by the University of Padua and the Experimental Viniculture Institute of Conegliano, Villa Sandi is able to perfect the methods in which their vineyards are nurtured by natural methods rather than harsher chemicals and pesticides which may be damaging the natural ecosystems and habitats of local wildlife. Examples include the drive towards using recycled glass bottles and more sustainable energy solutions such as the use of solar power since 2012 and the hydro-electric plant driven by the on-site Brentella Canal. This combined effort of 100kw per day is used during daylight hours at the bottling plant and by night to illuminate, refrigerate and cool the vines - leading to a more natural and pure tasting grape free from pollution and harmful emissions; and a better carbon footprint.

A proud member of the Wine Research Team, Villa Sandi actively participates alongside 30 fellow vintners all over Italy who work at improving all areas of production from vineyard to bottle; and have been certified as a 'Biodiversity Friend' by the World Biodiversity Association for their work towards assisting and preserving natural animal and vegetal species. This means that their grapes are more healthy and provide an overall more sophisticated and refined taste that is celebrated worldwide. Alongside this, wherever possible a rational management of hedgerows, woodlands, nectariferous plants; and the quality of freshwater, soil and air can continue to utilise in a more sustainable and eco-efficient environment; and preserve natural heritage and culture.

VIlla Sandi will be hosting a presentation on their methods and their successes at Bellavita Expo where they will be discussing in detail the core principle of 'Villa Sandi for Life'. Register today for your free ticket!