THE MAGIC OF COLOURFUL PUGLIA - Interviewing Chef Felice Lo Basso


Proud owner of 'Felix Lo Basso in Milan', Chef Felice Lo Basso was born in Molfetta on the southern shores of Italy, growing up with a fascination and later appreciation of the tastes and flavours surrounding the sea. Having studied both in Italy and abroad, Felice received his first Michelin star in 2011, based on his refined elegant dishes that exude research and creativity. Constantly experimenting with colours, his restaurant Felix Lo Basso pays homage to the traditional Italian produce; and he will bring some of this innovative flair to Bellavita London. Ahead of his masterclass on 'The Magic of Colourful Puglia', Bellavita caught up with him for a quick chat.

Bellavita: What got you into cooking initially? How did your journey into food begin?

Felice: Italy has certainly given me a great variety of products that not all nationalities have and above all has many different products based on the four seasons. My food day begins by going to the cafeteria and checking that the goods arriving in the day are of the highest quality.

Bellavita: What excites you as a cook? What about Puglia as a region inspires you as a cook?

Felice: Being creative and being able to invent something new every day. Apulia is in my opinion the best region in the world because it has genuine and very high-quality products.

Bellavita: Generation Y (the young 20-30 somethings, business professionals) is growing increasingly aware of the healthy eating and the use of technology, how do you think this has affected food culture and how you cook? Do you feel that cooking has become dictated by trends?

Felice: The technology in my mind has only ruined the creativity of young people and can only be useful if used in a proper way, but certainly my kitchen is not a great kitchen from technology. Italian customers require traditional dishes, in some cases the kitchen is definitely based on fashion but it is not in my case because I do not go back to fashion for cooking. I've taken two steps back and I'm rediscovering the traditional cooking dishes more attached to the Apulia, transforming them with the right creativity and the simplicity of the taste. We prefer to taste in addition to the aesthetic fact.

Bellavita: What excites you about the overall Italian cuisine? What elements do you think are key to creating a successful dish?

Felice: The fact that there are many products and the fact that there are 21 regions in Italy where each region has its own typical products, therefore a very large kitchen with lots of products. The key elements for a successful dish are simple products and elements that people easily understand but also combinations of natural ingredients.

Bellavita: Tell us what people can expect from your masterclass; What do you want to bring to the show?

Felice: I will bring simplicity, therefore with simple products and nature and therefore produced more than anything related to my land, the fact of cooking little products but exalting its taste.

Bellavita: What are you most looking forward to about the Bellavita Expo? What attracted you to get involved?

Felice: Engagement is important because an international panorama gives you the opportunity to express myself in a city that is not mine!

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