The art of gelato making


“We first started experimenting with gelato and sorbets in a Michelin star kitchen, therefore we didn’t quite follow the usual avenues to open our business; instead we started a journey to achieve quality using the latest technology but always putting the raw materials at the core what we do” says Luca Grassi, founder of Menodiciotto.

Since 1986, the company produces fine gelati and sorbets using only selected ingredients. “ Our mission is our dream of bringing our gelato anywhere flavour makes a difference” – a dream that is rapidly becoming true. Menodiciotto is present in the UK, Germany, Spain, Greece, France, Belgium, Singapore, USA and China, where it is able to offer great quality products at a highly competitive price , also thanks to creative packaging and a careful study of the product’s presentation.

“In the last few years we have translated our website in five different languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish and German), which also serves as an e-commerce for Italy and France. Furthermore, we can count on members of the team who speak English, German, French and Spanish to focus on the needs of those specific markets ” continues Luca Grassi.

The company never stops innovating , always seeking feedback to improve and reach new markets. “The next step is to establish our presence in the South of Italy, Northern Europe and the West Coast in the US . We are also interested in the UAE and in Russia” concludes Luca Grassi.

Are you interested in sampling Menodiciotto’s products? The company will be at Bellavita Expo Amsterdam 2018 . Don’t forget to buy your ticket here.