“Sweet Sensations” at Bellavita Amsterdam 2018, our exclusive interview with Sarena Solari - Part 2


A special thanks to Sarena Solari (chef and winner of Heel Holland Bakt 2015), who brought to Bellavita Amsterdam 2018 a delicious masterclass on desserts , where she created an original dish consisting of Italian zabaglione, caramelised pears and kletskoppen , a traditional Dutch crunchy biscuit made with almonds. This perfect combination of Dutch and Italian flavours was enhanced by the presence of Avola almonds in the kletskoppen – a true gem of Italian cuisine grown exclusively in Sicily. Here is the second part of our interview with this creative and passionate pastry chef.

  • How did the experience on the TV show “Heel Holland Bakt” change you?
    My participation in Heel Holland Bakt was decided on the spur of the moment. Winning the competition gave me much more confidence in myself and it made me realise that often in life it is worth trying to do things that seem impossible.
  • What would you like to see more on the Dutch’s dinner table?
    More than "on" the table, I would like to see a change of the Dutch "at" the table. At the moment, meals are considered daily interruptions to be carried out quickly; I would like for them to be considered an important and enjoyable part of the day instead.
  • What inspire you the most in the kitchen?
    I was born near Piacenza, Emilia Romagna, in a small town where every family, every event is linked with old traditions and ancient rituals. I am inspired by these traditions which are not simply limited to food: behind every recipe there is a story and it is these stories in particular that I am interested in.
  • How do you think Italian cuisine will evolve over the next five years?
    Perhaps a small change will be at the highest levels where more and more innovative systems are applied. Probably there will be a process of "internationalisation”, but I think the basis of Italian cuisine have been the same for centuries and they will not change, which is one of its strengths really.
    Personally I hope there will be more openness to different cuisines and foreign products, and, not like now, a rejection of all that is not Made in Italy.

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