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Bellavita Amsterdam celebrates its successful 6th edition

Bellavita Expo Amsterdam Horecava

The sixth edition of Bellavita Amsterdam, the premier trade show in the Netherlands dedicated to promoting Italian and Mediterranean food and beverage companies, took place from 9 to 11 January 2023. The event, held at the Amsterdam RAI Centre in co-location with Horecava, captivated attendees with a diverse range of exquisite culinary offerings and showcased the finest flavours from Italy and Spain.

Horecava and Bellavita Amsterdam 2023 welcomed over 70,000 buyers and professionals from the sector, who eagerly explored a captivating world of gastronomy. The show featured an impressive line-up of over 100 Italian brands, representing both well-known names and artisanal producers, who came together to present their exceptional products to an enthusiastic audience. In addition, the collaboration with Ibérica Expo brought 15 Spanish companies to the event, providing visitors with the opportunity to discover a broad selection of authentic Mediterranean products in one pavilion.

The event commenced with the Marchio Ospitalità Italiana 2023 ceremony, held in collaboration with the Italian Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands. Over 50 authentic Italian restaurants based in the Netherlands were recognised and awarded certifications, underscoring their commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience rooted in Italian culinary traditions.

Additionally, Bellavita Amsterdam confirmed its partnership with the Italian Federation of Chefs (FIC) in the Netherlands, welcoming esteemed members of the association who lent their expertise to this year's event. Particularly, acting as Bellavita Resident Chef, Mario Loina, Executive Chef of the prestigious five-star hotel Hyatt Regency Amsterdam, and President of FIC Netherlands delighted attendees with his culinary prowess.

Notable highlights of this year's edition included the participation of the Monti Dauni collective from Apulia, brought by GAL Meridaunia. They proudly showcased the excellence of local producers of wine, beer, salami, pasta, oil, and preserves, adding to the diverse range of Italian and Mediterranean delicacies on display.

Furthermore, the renowned Bellavita Pizza Academy, in collaboration with commercial partners Molino Vigevano and Demetra, enthralled guests with the secrets of authentic Italian pizza.

This edition of Bellavita Amsterdam also featured, once again, the successful Bellavita Awards competition, which celebrated the outstanding quality of products showcased at the event. The awards were presented in recognition of excellence in various categories. The prestigious Best Product award was granted to Mario Marseglia's organic olive oil from Apulia.

Bellavita Amsterdam provided a platform for industry professionals to network, discover new products, and learn about the latest trends in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The event fostered a vibrant atmosphere of culinary excellence and showcased the best that Italy and Spain have to offer. Bellavita Amsterdam is one of the nine trade shows organised every year by Bellavita, with upcoming stops in Parma, Toronto, Warsaw, Chicago, London, Bangkok, Riga and Miami.