Spotlight on Chianti Kręgliccy at Bellavita Expo Warsaw


Restaurateurs but also great travellers and explorers , Agnieszka and Marcin love to approach different cultures from the point of view of the local cuisine, products and agriculture. In 1997 they decided to open a corner of Italy in Warsaw with Chianti, which gained immediately a great success and continues to be one of the most popular restaurants in the city.

Chianti, which is part of the Kręgliccy group, specialises in home-made pasta - tagliatelle, lasagne, gnocchi, ravioli with different fillings. The restaurant also serves classic Italian dishes revisited in a modern way, which have been awarded by the Italian Academy of Cuisine for their genuineness and careful use of raw materials. Ingredients are an integral part of the restaurant philosophy. "What matters the most is the initial product", says Ewa Brzuszkiewicz, PR and Marketing Manager of Chianti. "We always look for the best, both Polish and Italian, to ensure absolute freshness and the right flavours for our dishes."

Italian food in Poland is the most popular , followed by Asian and fusion cuisine. "People like to mix old and new, to discover the recipes of the past but also innovative and unexpected flavours. This is what we are always trying to do here at Chianti, with utter respect for processing techniques and raw materials" concludes Ewa Brzuszkiewicz.

Chianti’s head chef Marzena Gromelska will be on stage of Bellavita Food & Beverage Academy on Wednesday 11th April, accompanied by Bellavita Resident Chef Giancarlo Russo, to conduct a fantastic homemade pasta masterclass that will help to illustrate which Italian recipes are the most successful among Polish consumers .