Salumificio Pèveri Carlo at Bellavita Expo London 2019


Salumificio Pèveri Carlo , producer of bespoke Italian cured meats, returns to Bellavita Expo London once again, showcasing their Pancetta Piacentina, among other products.

Hailing from Piacenza, in the region of Emilia-Romagna – the so-called “food valley” of Italy – Pancetta Piacentina is marked by pale, succulent fat accenting the deep reds of the pork belly. After a dry-salting, rolling and seasoning process, the pancetta is matured in the unique microclimate of the natural cellars below their workshop for no less than four months, until it achieves its typically rich appearance and savoury flavour.

The Pèveri family charcuterie began over a century ago, as the family arrived at the town of Alseno, to work the land surrounding the Abbey of Chiaravalle della Colomba , which forms the site of the modern premises. Today, brothers Federica and Remo oversee the family business, which has been passed down each successive generation of the family, but still adhering to the centuries-old production process that has always defined their meats. Acting as international ambassadors for Emilia-Romagnan produce, Pèveri is part of the Piacenza Food Consortium for Exports, the Piacentini Salami Consortium PDO and the Culatta Emilia Association of Producers.

Pèveri’s cured meats are renowned for their high quality, artisan products both in Italy and abroad, they seek to expand their presence beyond the many UK high-end restaurants scene and into the British retail and hospitality market, as well as in Germany, the United States and Japan.

On top of Pancetta Piacentina, Pèveri will exhibit a selection of their premium meats, including the Belladinonna da Pèveri , Coppa Piacentina , Salame Piacentino , La Mandòla Salami , Culatta Don Romualdo , Salam Bon and their flavoured salami line, Peverissimi .

Two of their products on display this year – the La Mandòla Salami and the Ars Creandi Sausage – were awarded with 3 Bellavita Stars in the Bellavita Awards ceremony at the Internorga F&B; trade show in Hamburg. Their products have also received awards such as the Shop and Show Room Award, Owner's Award, the 2013 APCI Award from the Association of Professional Italian Chefs, and recognition by Le Guide de L'Espresso’s Guida I Salumi d’Italia 2019.

A selection of Pèveri’s finest cured meats are also available for purchase in the Bellavita Shop , both online and in store.