Promoting the Unknown - Beacon Tailoring Solutions


Bellavita Expo aims to provide traders and buyers with the opportunity to discover the finest selection of artisan food and beverages from all over Italy. Their global exhibitions hosted in five top countries in the world act as the optimum platform for vendors of excellence to distribute their produce for the wider market. But what do you do if you're an unknown brand seeking to stand out from the competition? Beacon Tailoring Solutions are there to help; and will be bringing a selection of five start-up Italian companies wanting to enter the UK Market.

A UK and Italy-based consultancy company, Beacon has quickly become an ambassador for the best products that Italy has on offer. Their rapidly expanding portfolio currently contains over 36 projects in six countries across the world. Whether their clients are commercial or not for profit organisations, they dedicate their time to opening doors and networking opportunities in what is a competitive global industry. Beacon's team of committed professionals work to provide appropriate resources, services and solutions that guarantee lasting results. In addition, they aim to identify safe environments to approach the market, so that products and produce reach the appropriate target groups. Each company is provided with a tailor-made programme, and the confidence to succeed; standing out against even the most established of competition.

Visitors to the Beacon stall can propose their ideas for new or undiscovered businesses; or propel projects ready for investment at the Bellavita Expo London, making exclusive deals with the future giants of the Italian fine food and beverage industries. Register for your ticket today.