Not just tea! The UK is a major market for the iconic coffee brand Lavazza


Coffee is the most popular drink in the world: two billion cups are consumed every day, 55 million in the UK alone.
While in the past coffee was perceived as an exclusive commodity for wealthier classes, today it has become a common drink, consumed both at home and outside. Coffee shops are on the rise, especially among millennials, who account for 73% of all regular users.

Although largely a tea drinking country, over the past five years the UK has become a major market for Lavazza . The iconic coffee brand has experienced a steady increase in sales thanks to numerous deals with restaurants, cafés and over 1,000 Wetherspoons pubs.

Established in 1895, Lavazza is currently present in over 90 countries worldwide . Extensive research and care are behind every blend, making a unique coffee that is synonym with true Italian quality and taste. According to Lavazza quality is “built” not “controlled”; it is an active process that is carried out every day and that enables the company to constantly push the boundaries of innovation.

Bellavita is proud to welcome back Lavazza as a returning sponsor to Bellavita Expo London 2018 , where it will present the authenticity of Italian coffee in a perfect mix of tradition and innovation in an exclusive masterclass on the Food Academy Theatre.