Nonno Nanni Stracchino – Delicate Cream Cheeses


Since it was first produced in 1947, Latteria Montello’s Nonno Nanni Stracchino has always been at its heart a natural creamy cheese, made from pasteurised milk to create a delectable, moreish flavour. The unmistakable taste is clean and fresh like the fields of Veneto, where the Stracchino cheese recipe has been preserved and maintained by cheese makers in the region since the 12th century. The cheese can be eaten on its own, with fresh bread, or with cooked or raw vegetables. It can also heighten Italian cuisine, providing an additional seasoning to pasta dishes or a new dimension to salads.

What makes Nonno Nanni Stracchino special is that they are the first eco-sustainable Stracchino cheese to be made in Italy. Latteria Montello takes active measures to monitor their carbon footprint, with all packaging and production processes, resulting in a reduction in all emissions, any of which are left are compensated by supporting environmental sustainability projects in the region, as well as nationally and Brazil.

Latteria Montello will be bringing Nonno Nanni Stracchino to Bellavita Expo London 2017, be sure not to miss the opportunity to try this timeless Italian produce by registering for your ticket today.