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New Record for Italian Agri-Food Export in 2023

Bellavita Expo Amsterdam 2024

In 2023, Italian agri-food export reached a new record, touching nearly €64 billion and registering a 6% increase compared to the previous year. These are the latest Istat data analysed in the Coldiretti report.

The success is driven by organic agriculture, boasting over 80,000 certified operators and asserting itself as the greenest in Europe. Italy stands out for its rich variety of products, with 325 recognised DOP/IGP/STG specialties, 526 DOP/IGP wines, and 5,547 traditional food products.

Coldiretti highlights Italy as the main producer in the European Union of rice, durum wheat, and various vegetables typical of the Mediterranean Diet, such as tomatoes, aubergines, artichokes, fresh chicory, endives, celery, and fennel. Italian leadership extends to fruit production, with excellence ranging from apples to fresh pears, cherries, table grapes, kiwis, hazelnuts, and chestnuts.

Despite over a third of Italian agri-food products being destined for non-EU markets, the European Union remains the main destination, with particular emphasis on Germany and France, while the United States remains the primary non-EU partner.

According to Coldiretti, to further support the growth of national gastronomy, it is crucial to address structural challenges, improve infrastructure for national and international connections, and invest in logistic innovation. With the goal of reaching an annual agri-food export value of €100 billion by 2030, Italy must act internationally, counteracting Italian Sounding, and enhancing the strategic role of the Italian Trade Agency and the Embassies.

Bellavita is proud to have actively participated in the expansion of Italian agri-food products in 2023 through its 8 international trade shows, involving 1,000 of the best F&B brands. Bellavita's objective is to continue contributing to the success of the Italian F&B sector in the World in 2024.

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