Molini Lario, a history of excellence at Bellavita Expo Chicago 2018


Molini Lario is synonymous with excellence in the world of flour production achieved by skilfully milling and mixing the right varieties of soft wheat. Read our interview with general manager Mauro Pietro Milani and discover the company at Bellavita Expo Chicago 2018.

• What is your flagship product?
Flour for Pizza-making and Bakery

• What makes your products unique?
Our ability to choose the best raw materials and our cutting-edge methods, combined with 100 years of experience

• How do you think it could be of interest to the market?
For the quality level and performance on the finished product

• What is your positioning on the market?
We are present in the industrial and in the artisan sector with specific products for both

• What is your mission?
Expanding Molini Lario’s presence across all the major foreign markets

• How much and how important are PR and marketing in your company?
Very important, in fact we are investing a great effort to make ourselves known through specific events and appropriate communication strategies.

• What steps are you taking to reach foreign markets?
Through the activation of an export office with dedicated resources and participation in trade fairs

• What are your future growth strategies?
Boosting product innovation to the maximum according to consumers’ demands and, above all, making it known to the market