The taste of Ravenna in Romagna, comes to life in the beer crafted by the I.C.B. Italian Craft Brewery. Using their unique recipe of water, barley malt, yeast, hops and a touch of madness, the ICB have crafted a uniquely aritsan blend of flavours that is full body.

Mindful of different palates and tastes, the beverage is currently produced in both red and blonde lager variations; available in quantities of 0.33cl, 0.50cl, 0.375cl and casks of 24 litres. With distribution already increasing to France, Belgium and the Czech Republic, now is the perfect time to sample a distinctive Italian beer. I.C.B. premiered their DELIRA range for the Polish market at Bellavita Expo Warsaw 2017 and will extend the offer to the UK market at our London show.

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