Inspiring with flavour – our exclusive interview with Poretti


“We want to inspire everyone to always stay curious and open to new experiences to make interesting discoveries and learn new things” says Chiara Viotti, Export Manager at Birrificio Angelo Poretti.

Over 140 years of history make of Poretti one of the most interesting beer brands in Italy and abroad. Over the past ten years, Poretti has focused on product development , creating new beers that are much more complex compared to their mainstream counterparts. According to the brewery, this is key to stay relevant in the ever-growing beer-making landscape.

Present in UK, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Malta, South Africa, USA and China, Poretti employ a targeted expansion strategy that relies on many different channels: “We use Facebook and Instagram to communicate with our customers directly and we make sure all our website’s landing pages are up to date with our products and importers’ contact details” comments Chiara Viotti. “In addition we create effective partnerships with importers that can also support our communication and marketing efforts, including the creation of local literature and the organisation of promotional events.”

What about the future? Poretti prefers on-trade channels as they enable the company to tell the story behind the product, including their latest food pairing campaign . “Our promise is to give our customers a wide and intriguing range of beers: unique recipes made with different combinations of hop varieties that create surprising flavours and aromas worth discovering and sharing with others” concludes Chiara Viotti.

Find out more and sample Poretti’s unique brews at Bellavita Expo Amsterdam 2018.