Industrie Montali – bringing a taste of Italy abroad


“We have added vegan and organic products to our line and we have adapted the packaging to the changing needs of modern families” says Stefania Montali, owner of Industrie Montali – a company from Emilia Romagna, leader in the manufacturing of tomato based food products since 1910. Today Industrie Montali makes a variety of different products, including mono-portion pasta sauces and vegetable patés.

Thanks to years of experience and through a constant analysis of the market’s evolving needs , the company now exports 60% of its products to the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan. “ International markets are our biggest player. The US are definitely our key country with which we have developed a long-term relationship based on retention and discovery of the real Made in Italy” continues Stefania Montali. An interesting data also supported by the Extraordinary Italian Taste campaign, a promotion consisting of educational initiatives around Italian excellence and F&B; aimed at the big players of the GDO as well as American consumers.

“Our brand positioning is definitely in the top-quality range and our products are sold in high end channels. This was possible thanks to our relationship with our international partners , but we are still very much unknown in many key countries. Part of our strategy is to build relationships with global importers so that the quality of our products can be represented in the best way possible” concludes Stefania Montali.

Industrie Montali will be at Bellavita Expo Amsterdam 2018 to present a selection of products to buyers and industry leaders. Buy your ticket here .