From Sardinia to the international landscape: our exclusive interview with Bresca Dorada


Bresca Dorada started in 1986, developing in full harmony with the land and the gastronomic tradition of Sardinia. At Bellavita Expo Amsterdam, the company will bring a unique selection of liqueurs, jams, salts, juices and confectionery products that carry different aromas and flavours typical of the Italian island.

"Our products are made with natural raw materials typical of the region which are prepared following selected recipes," says Paolo Melis, managing director and one of the founders of Bresca Dorada. "Our production system allows us to put products on the market in a short time frame from the moment they were first made." An organised and efficient production line has enabled the company to also unlock international markets. "Today, our products are available in most European countries and in the US," says Melis. "In addition, in order to achieve a wider reach, we have undertaken several internationalisation processes, such as hiring dedicated business figures, taking part in key trade shows, and adapting labels to each different market."

Bresca Dorada sees in Northern Europe and especially in the Netherlands an important export opportunity, which is already partly consolidated through a small but long-standing collaboration with a local business. "One of the reasons that drives us to the Dutch market is definitely linked to the continuous increase in tourism from the Netherlands to Sardinia. Customers discover new products on their holidays and then they also want to enjoy them at home ," says Melis. "We also believe in the Dutch public’s awareness of ethical products, made in a natural way and with genuine flavours."

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