Four important Consortia at Bellavita Expo London to promote authentic Italian cheese


In 2018, Italian cheese export has reached an all-time record: 8% increase in quantities from 2017 with 10% growth registered in the UK alone placing it on third place globally (source: Coldiretti).

This year Bellavita Expo will welcome four leading cheese Consortia who will join the show to promote different varieties from all over the peninsula, from famous ones to relatively less-known specialities. Here’s a preview of what visitors will be able to see and taste at the trade show, from 17th to 19th June at the Business Design Centre in London.

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Fresh Asiago cheese is produced with whole milk and is matured for at least 20 days. It is delicate and pleasantly melts in your mouth leaving an irresistible sweet and slightly sour taste. Aged Asiago cheese is produced with partially skimmed milk and is matured for a period of 3 to over 15 months. It is straw-coloured and is characterised by small or medium-sized cracks. It’s strong and savoury taste, increases with aging.

Gorgonzola is a soft, fat, raw paste, erborinated cheese, produced exclusively with milk from the P.D.O. area. No less than 220 pounds of milk are required to obtain one cheese, the weight of which, once seasoned, is approximately 12 kgs. (26,5 lbs). The Gorgonzola cheese has a penetrating, strong and typical fragrance; hence it’s well-defined and unique personality. Whether sweet or strong, it offers a wide range of flavours that satisfy any taste and perfectly complete even the most unusual recipes.

This cheeseis produced with 100% sheep’s milk only from sheep that are raised freely in Sardinia – a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea - following ancient traditions that shepherds continue to use to this day. The production of Pecorino Sardo cheese is the result of an unspoiled land, a long-standing dairy culture and the work of a knowledgeable team of experts.

Taleggio is a natural cheese with a thin rind, soft and naturally pink in colour. Typically, it presents light sage-coloured mould (green-grey) and the body of the cheese has a uniform and solid consistency. It is softer just under the rind and, once the ageing process is completed, it’s quite crumbly in the middle. The flavour is sweet, slightly sour and a vaguely aromatic, sometimes with a hint of truffle. It has a characteristic aroma.