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FIC at Bellavita Expo London 2018


We are pleased to welcome the FIC UK project this year at Bellavita Expo London (17 – 19 June 2018, Business Design Centre, London ), in support of the Italian Federation of Chefs in the UK and to promote Italian cuisine. It is a prestigious institution for chefs in Italy and abroad with 20,000 associates including chefs, chef patrons, restaurateurs, professors, students at relevant institutions. The project includes cooking school for the general public, for trade shows attendees, as well as training courses. At Bellavita Expo London 2018, FIC will award Chefs’ Choice to the products that best suit their current menus, following a range of different criteria.

In addition, the FIC project in the UK will run Culinary Medicine, which is aimed at helping patients make the best personal medical decisions when finding and eating high-quality meals that helps prevent and treat disease and restore well-being. The project will blend the art of food and cooking with the science of medicine, it will be collaboration with an Italian Medical Clinic to create specific diets for different medical condition with top Chefs to combine the ingredients. The object of Culinary Medicine is to empower patients to care for themselves safely and happily with food and beverage as a primary care technique under the Doctor's guidance.