Fattoria Ramerino - Premium Florentine Olive Oil


The Fattoria Ramerino is located on the hills south of Florence and its land has produced delicious organic olives that make a premium and distinct artisanal olive oil. Alongside a medley of fresh grapes and vegetables, the Fattoria Ramerino make every effort to create a distinctly natural product that delivers on a sustainable environment, taste and flavour.

Using local ingredients and produce, such as Tuscan grown Morariolo, Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and the Americano. Every care is taken to optimise the overall experience, from the seasoning and ripening of the fruit and maintaining a low acidity. The intense green olives and smell of fresh grass combine the bitter and sweet nuances to a delicate, distinct identity.

Fattoria Ramerino will attend this year's Bellavita Expo with a range of their delicious products including the Guadagnolo Primus which has an intense fruity green olive taste with hints of grass and artichoke, Guadagnolo Dulcis which combines almonds and dried fruit perfect for salads, pizzas and other mouth-watering dishes.

Be sure not to miss your chance to sample their amazing oils by visiting Bellavita today!