Exporting Italian free-from products - top tips from Fidani Healthy Food


For over 20 years, Fidani Healthy Food has developed a concept of well-being that combines flavour with a natural approach to nutrition. This philosophy inspires the company’s whole free-from range, focusing primarily on products without gluten or lactose .

“We don’t focus on just one product, instead we constantly improve the nutritional quality of what our customers eat on a daily basis” says Francesco Capaccioni, sales director for Italy and international markets.

Fidani is present in Italy, where the demand for free-from products is growing, but also in UK, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Hungary, USA, Malta and it is now expanding to Qatar and Greece. “It’s crucial to adapt labels to the legislation of different foreign countries and invest in key certifications for each target market. These include for example BRC for the UK, EFS for the US ; we also have a PCQI manager and we regularly compile our safety food plan. We are also subscribed to the FDA which is pivotal to enter the US F&B; market.”

This attention towards the international landscape combined with a strong entrepreneurial drive have enabled Fidani to grow without losing their founding values. “In the Netherlands, we see a particular interest towards free-from products but we also export a lot in Switzerland and Sweden because of these countries’ attention to food quality and safety ” continues Capaccioni.

Introducing dedicated professionals is vital to start any export strategy. Says Capaccioni “Italian companies that sell top quality products often have organisational problems which make exporting abroad very difficult. Networking is fundamental and so is communicating the company in the right way. This also means attending events and specialised trade shows , scheduling meetings in advance with importers, distributors and industry leaders.”

Investing is therefore essential: “here at Fidani we rely on our flavours to do the talking but we know that strategising in advance is key, both through physical and digital channels . Our goal? Positioning our brand in the “luxury food” sector and continuing to expand abroad, acquiring new customers worldwide… it’s a work in progress. In 2018 we’ll reach the far East, then we’ll take from there!” concludes Capaccioni.

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