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Italian export to the Netherlands is consistently growing

Horecava Bellavita Amsterdam... bella vita

The latest available data indicate very positive trends for Italian food and beverages in the Netherlands and the Benelux market, showing excellent expansion opportunities for Italian companies.

In the first half of 2023, Italian exports grew by +4.1% compared to the previous year's first half, with a remarkable +8.6% in the Food & Beverage sector. Among European countries, this growth was particularly evident in the Netherlands, along with Spain and France (Source: Istat).

In 2022, Italian food product exports to the Netherlands increased by +29.3% compared to 2021, going from 1 billion 202 million to 1 billion 554 million. During the same period, Italian beverage exports grew by +13%, going from 277 million to 313 million (Source: Osservatorio Economico).

In 2022, the Italian wine market in the Netherlands recorded a +4.9% increase compared to 2021, with a market share of +16.2% in value (second only to France). During the same period, Italian wine exports to Belgium increased by +12.6%, with a market share of +16.5% in value (Source: ITA Agency).

In the first seven months of 2023, the top three European destinations for Italian organic food were Germany, France, and the Benelux. During the same period, the top three European destinations for Italian organic wine were Germany, the Scandinavian countries, and the Benelux (Source: Norisma).

Bellavita Expo, a partner of Cibus - Fiere di Parma and TuttoFood Milano, is organising the B2B fair Bellavita Amsterdam from 8 January to 10 January 2024, which has been the primary event for Italian Food & Beverage in the Benelux since 2015. An event that proves to be highly strategic for expanding business opportunities in a market that continues to grow for Italian exports.