Exclusive interview with Bedogni Egidio - promoting the true Made in Italy abroad


Bedogni Egidio opened its factory over fifty years ago and still to this day the company produces a variety of high quality hams and cured meats with the same passion and commitment .

At Bellavita Expo Amsterdam 2018, Bedogni will showcase a selection of their best products, including their Dop Parma ham made with only certified ingredients. “ We still finish our hams and meats by hand , curing and ageing them naturally to guarantee a delicate flavour and soft texture” says Simone Trobbiani, Bedogni’s CEO.

However, Bedogni is more than Parma ham. With a strong market presence in France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland and the UK, the Italian company is constantly expanding its export strategy to include more niche, lesser-known products . “I believe it is important to stay true to the real Made in Italy tradition and promote our identity as Italian producers. To successfully sell abroad it is also essential to find trustworthy channels , who can put your products in front of the right audience and convey the right messages” continues Simone Trobbiani.

Marketing is also key for Bedogni. In 2012, the company established its online presence on social media, investing resources into content creation and blogging. “We use different channels to reach different audiences and, especially abroad, we rely on highly specialised figures who act as ‘ambassadors’ for our brand . They create a dialogue with customers, enabling them to taste and sample our products , which is our winning strategy. Unique flavours, history and quality are key elements for us and that’s how we open most of our international markets.”

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