Egidio Bedogni – Langhirano’s Authentic and Full Bodied Parma Ham


Langhirano in the heart of Parma, is considered by many connoisseurs to be the birthplace of the Parma Ham, highly praised and recognised around the world. Since 1954, the Egidio Bedogni company has been a prestigious name in the region, maintaining since their inception, the unmistakable flavour of hams, cured meats and salamis mirrors exceptional quality, experience and tradition.

Working to provide products that meet the high standards of their consumers, Egidio Bedogni select only the finest cuts of meat, ensuring to avoid any traces of gluten, thus making them an optimal choice for celeriacs and those looking to improve their nutritional intake. The company has been recognised internationally for their continuous efforts to preserve the key delicatessen methods necessary for rich and indulgent meats suitable for all occasions.

Highlighted products include the ‘King of Hams’ known as the Bedogni Parma Ham, which is noted for its aroma, the classic rosy colour of the meat and its unmistakable mild and refined flavour, created by the long maturing process. The Il Culatello, for its tender, soft flesh and the Salami Felino, which blends together only the finest pieces of pork. Alongside this, a medley of cooked hams and legs will be available at the Bellavita London Expo. Be sure to reserve your trade show ticket today.